U Finish Penobscot
U Finish Penobscot
U Finish Penobscot
U Finish Penobscot

U Finish Penobscot

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**U Finish Penobscot **

The Penobscot Indian bow named after the ingenious Penobscot Indians of the eastern woodlands. This Marvelous bow was one of the most versatile bows ever made and may have very well been one of the first compound designs ever built. The bow is stable and can be adjusted to a higher draw weight by tightening the back strings. The back bow and strings help reduce string follow adding speed. This bow also sports lower hand shock as well as accuracy. This bow featured a Elliptical main bow which also adds to speed.

This is an excellent bow with a super sweet draw!

To adjust the draw weight simply put the bow on a bench with each tip set on a 1" thick block of wood. Now clamp the handle down to the bench bending the limbs slightly backward. This will relieve the string pressure. Take the old string off and twist it 2 -3 turns tighter. Unclamp bow and replace 1" block with a 2" block, Reclamp handle down and replace the string. The draw weight will increase. Use up to a 4" inch block. The tighter the back strings the higher the draw weight of the entire bow. Piece of cake!!

What is a U Finish Bow?

  • U Finish Bows are fully tillered but ar rough sanded.
  • U Finish Bows still require the following steps: final sanding, stain (if desired), and sealed
  • U Finish Bows carry no warraty once work has begun on the bow INCLUDED Bow String


  • Bow
  • String


  • Length -Approx 72" tip to tip
  • Bow Wood - Hickory
  • Backing - none
  • Bow Type - Combination
  • Stain - None
  • Handle Wrap - None


  • If you pull the string with your RIGHT hand you need a RIGHT hand arrow rest
  • If you pull the string with your LEFT hand you need a LEFT hand arrow rest
  • Uni-Grip means you can shoot off either side of the bow off your hand


  • Take your height in inches and divide by 2.5 and round down to the next draw length
  • Example: 6' Tall = 72"/2.5 = 28.8" Draw Length or 28.5"


  • All our draw weights are at 28"
  • Use the chart below to pick the right draw weight for you
  • Example:
    • Your draw weight is 45@27 - Then you want a 45-50@28
    • Your Draw weight is 55@29 - Then you want a 50-55@28


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