Safari Tuff 3-Under Finger Tab

Safari Tuff 3-Under Finger Tab

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Designed by IBO World Champion Rod Jenkins for premium shooting. The meticulously placed stitching is perfect for those use shoot using String Walking - be assured stitching will result in repeatable crawls every tab.

This is the perfect tab for those looking to transition from a glove to a tab or for those with sensitive finger tips. Approximately 9/100" thick at the fingertips, this tab is very thin, but its rugged design means you can draw and shoot comfortably with heavy and light weight bows alike.

The incredibly slick Shell Cordovan leather face and tight grained calf leather back will give you a smooth, quick release time and time again while maintaining its shape. The thick Herman oak overlay is durable and will give you positive string placement every time. Enlarged groove for nock clearance. Cord-lock attachment included. Choose small, medium, large, or X-large in right or left handed. Color may vary. Made in the U.S.A.


Tabs should be selected by width. Measure across center knuckles and select from size chart.

XL 3 1/8″
L 2 7/8″
M 2 5/8″
S 2 3/8″