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My wife and I started Crows Head Archery in 2006 to offer unique bows and well known brands to the world, but my passion for Traditional Archery started years before. When I watched the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring in 2002 I was completely obsessed over the bows and arrows that were used in the film. All I wanted to do was make and shoot one of those bows. But I needed to learn the basics of building a bow first. And so, the adventure began....

First, I along with my dad took a simple board bow building class and this lit a fire in me to continue building and designing my own bows. The learning process took time, blood, sweat and tears. I worked out of my one car garage on a make shift work bench until I was able to design and build my first bow - the Heritage Longbow. This bow continues to be one of our best selling bows.

During this time, my wife and I had 3 beautiful children, moved out of our house and built a life together.

While I was working on building and designing bows, Crows Head Archery was also selling some of the best brands we could find to go along with our own product mix.

As our business grew, I asked my Father to join me in building bows and Perry Miller became part of the team.

Eventually we were able to build a full range of Traditional Bows and started building bows for dealers.

One problem....We never gave the bows a proper Brand Name and in 2015 that would all change.

In the Fall of 2015 Marlana and I decided to give the bows a name that incorporated the names of our 3 children and GRAYVN TRADITIONAL BOWS was born.

Grayvn Traditional Bows

We now offer Grayvn Traditional Bows brand to dealers and have a wide variety available for bulk purchase. If you are a business, archery group or individual interested in bulk purchase please see our DEALER page.



Marlana Miller - Owner

Ned Miller - Owner

Perry "Papa" Miller - Craftsman


Crows Head Archery has built original designs for use on TV, Film and Web Series

Projects for which we have built bows and arrows:

  • Erik MacRay Film Project
  • The Hunt for Gollum
  • Born of Hope
  • Rangers Web Series
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Ren Series
  • AMC - Turn Series
  • Rayden Valkaryie - TV Pilot
  • Contact us for any design work you need for your project! crowshead@gmail.com

Thank you for considering Crows Head Archery for your next Traditional Archery purchase!

Feel free to contact me anytime,


Ned Miller