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Arrow Grabber

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The Arrow Grabber

The Arrow Grabber supports your arrow and broadhead and eliminates hand fatigue while you're hand sharpening your 2 or 4-bladed broadheads. Your arrow, with mounted broadhead, fits in the Arrow Grabber and allows you to hold your arrow and broadhead securely and safely while file sharpening. It also prevents the arrow from twisting in your hand when you put pressure on the broadhead edge bevel. That's important for maintaining a consistent filing angle. If you like sharpening your broadheads by hand, consider an Arrow Grabber. It's such a simple idea, but it makes a BIG difference.

Made in the USA of high impact plastic. Weighs less than 2 oz.

Note: Make sure you take an extra Arrow Grabber with you to hunting camp for re-sharpening or just touching up your hunting broadheads.

  • Made in the USA
  • Makes Sharpening Mounted Broadheads Easier
  • Slotted Handle Accommodates 2 or 4-Bladed Broadheads
  • Once You Try One - You're Hooked