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Classic Carbon Arrows - 6 Pack

Classic Carbon Arrows - 6 Pack

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The Classic Carbon Arrow is for the hunter who requires high quality American made equipment. The shafts are made from a higher quality carbon compared to all other shafts. Plus, they're designed, machined, tooled, and assembled in Topeka, Kansas, the heartland of America!

  • We fletch the shafts, and install the inserts and field points.
  • We use aluminum inserts, and 125 grain 5/16" field points.
  • We fletch the arrows with three 5" shield LW white TrueFlight feathers.
  • The arrows are cut to 30" Back of Point, with white Bohning signature nocks installed.
  • Features an Inside Diameter of .246". These shafts will accept Brass Inserts in 50 and 100 grains, Easton S Nocks, Easton Super Nocks, NOCKturnal™ S, and Weight Tubes.
  • Available in 500, 400, and 330.
  • Sold by the 6-pack.

Spine Selection Guide:

  • 330 - for Draw Weights of 60+
  • 400 - for Draw Weights of 50-55
  • 500 - for Draw Weights of 25-45

High Plains Hunter Parallel Carbon Shafting Specifics

Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Carbon
500 5/16" 6.5 30" 14gr Signature L --
400 5/16" 7.2 30" 14gr Signature B B
330 5/16" 8.6 30" 14gr Signature C


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