Fang Nocks - 6 Pack

Fang Nocks - 6 Pack

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New, Great for Horse Archery!

The FANG™ combines the historical and contemporary functions of arrow nocks. They are much wider than standard nocks, but they also clip beautifully onto a bow string.

Historical functions include:

  •  Fast nocking and easy indexing in the fingers a shape that prevents the arrow from moving up, down, or forward while the shooter is in motion.
  • Almost any drawing style: pinch the arrow, pinch the string, three under, one above two under, two, thumb guard, etc.

Whether you are shooting from a horse or on foot, the new Fang nock will help you put more arrows down range faster with excellent accuracy. The nocks are great for horse archers, people who play achery tag, or anyone practicing archery as a martial art. Fang nocks work well with all styles of drawing, including Persian and Asian styles.

Lars Andersen has tested the arrow nocks, and he writes, “Anyone can use these nocks to get started with historical archery. The nock is a great all around nock. It is better than other plastic nocks because it is stronger, easier to handle, easier to use with different styles, and is wide enough to be fast while still shooting straight.”

  • Use with 5/16" carbon shafting.
  • Sold per 6 pack.