Great Northern Longbow Quiver

Great Northern Longbow Quiver

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The Great Northern longbow quiver fits just about any self bow or laminated longbow, sometimes even thin risered recurve bows.

Easy-on-easy-off, strong rubber straps grip your bow and once attached, they stay put! The rubber attachment system also acts as a vibration dampener and since only rubber touches your bow, there's no damage to your finish. Lightweight, weighs only 8 oz. and holds up to five arrows. Available in right or left handed models, please specify in the drop down box above.

(All Great Northern quivers are shipped standard with the large gripper designed for 11/32" - 23/64" wood or aluminum arrows. Grippers for all sized arrows are available, see the links below.)

  • Rock solid attachment
  • Holds up to five arrows
  • Fully adjustable rubber attachment straps
  • Lifetime Wire Warranty

  • Note: When ordering your Great Northern bow quiver, remember to pick up some extra straps, and maybe an extra gripper and hood foam. It's always more convenient to have your spares on hand rather than having to make a separate order later. Links to the Great Northern accessories are below for your convenience.