Forrest Runner Katniss Longbow

Recently became proud owner of this Katniss bow. It is a beauty to the eyes, hands and the shooting. The craftmanship is superb. Customer service was stellar. Personal and friendly. I recommend this bow and Crow's Head to anyone who appreciates high quality archery products and service.


Love the new bow and arrows, fine quality materials and craftsmanship hard to find nowadays thanks again. Glad you guys are keeping a needed tradition alive

Eddie Middleton

Crowshead.com were super friendly.

As far as the bow: This thing is sick. I haven't been shooting in over ten years and wanted to go back to something more traditional. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Good luck finding a bow of this quality with this draw weight anywhere else. I scoured the internet for longbows over 45# draw weights and they either didn't exist or you were going to have to put a mortgage on your house to get one custom built. Needless to say the day I got my bow I took it to the range and tested it on a scale. This thing will shoot over a 60# draw weight! I am super pleased with the look and feel of the bow. The craftsman ship is impeccable. All the old timers (one of which is a national champion shooter) were extremely intrigued loved the way it looks and feels. When I shoot this bow the power behind it is incredible. Accuracy is totally dependent on the shooter at this point. I love my new bow. Thanks guys!

Zach C