The Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock foam target for target shooting in your backyard

The Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target

We recommend this target because we have used this target many times and have been pleased with the results. the target hangs great from a target stand as well. We have been using this target for kids bows and adult bows up to about 50lbs. The product description has a 40lb limit, but I shoot my 50-55 Longbow with this target with no issues.


  • Ideal for general target practice for archers of all skill levels
  • Variable target size allows for different levels of difficulty
  • Recommended for low poundage bows under 40-pounds
  • Measures 24-inches by 11-inches by 24-inches
  • Low poundage allows for even shooters with little to no experience to have success

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AMAZON - The Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target



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