Bearpaw Off Hand Bow Glove

Bearpaw Off Hand Bow Glove

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Bearpaw Bow Glove
This bow glove is for the hand that holds the bow. It's specifically for the archer that shoots a self bow, English longbow, or even a horse bow, off his or her hand with no arrow rest or shelf. It provides protection for your hand and a nice launching platform for your arrows. Made of soft, high quality leather with a second layer of leather for durability and added protection. An adjustable elastic Velcro closure insures a snug fit.

Note: When ordering, a RIGHT handed shooter (bow held in left hand) would order a LEFT HAND glove, and a LEFT handed shooter (bow held in right hand) would order a RIGHT HAND glove.

Available in Sizes: S, M, L, and XL, right or left hand.



------Sizing Guide for Gloves and Tabs----------------

Men’s Hand Size

Use a measuring tape, wrap it around the hand just below the knuckles and above the Thumb.

7" = X Small
8" = Small
9" = Medium

10" = Large
11" = X-Large