Bohning Crester
Bohning Crester

Bohning Crester

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This professional quality Cresting Jig features adjustable rollers, adjustable ruler (English and Metric), a set arrow stop, built-in cresting paint tray, five drilled holes for convenient brush storage, a dip tray on the front, 14" anodized back rail for easy adjustment, variable speed motor (220 to 440 rpm for standard 5/16" shafts), and durable hardwood base.

  • Adjustable Rollers
  • Adjustable English/Metric Ruler
  • Set Arrow Stop
  • Built-In Paint Tray
  • Brush Storage
  • Dip Tray
  • 14" Anodized Back Rail
  • Variable Speed Motor (220 to 440 rpm)
  • Durable Hardwood Base