Gordon's Bo-Tuff Fiberglass - Clear STRIPS 72"

Gordon's Bo-Tuff Fiberglass - Clear STRIPS 72"

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    Fiberglass is the most popular and dependable backing material you can use when building a laminated bow. Gordon's fiberglass is the brand of choice for bowyers all over the World, from professionals to novice alike. What makes this fiberglass great for bow building is that it is continuous unidirectional laminate, making it have high strength and stiffness on the full length of each strip.

    Each strip measures 72" long for building the longest of bows. One side is sanded to provide a strong gluing surface, while the other side is smooth for a quality finish. Use 1½" width for building longbows and 1¾" for building recurve bows. The thickness of the glass will affect the bow's draw weight. The thicker the glass, the heavier bow weight the bow.

    Sold by the each. Clear only. Available in .040" and .050" thickness in width of 1½" or 1¾". Please specify.

    • Available in .040" and .050" thickness
    • Sold by the each
    • 72" in length @ 1½" or 1¾"
    • Sanded on 1 side
    • ALWAYS use gloves when handling fiberglass
    • Be cautious to not breath in loose fibers of fiberglass