Ranger Bow of Adrasil
Ranger Bow of Adrasil
Ranger Bow of Adrasil
Ranger Bow of Adrasil
Ranger Bow of Adrasil
Ranger Bow of Adrasil
Ranger Bow of Adrasil

Ranger Bow of Adrasil

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    Ranger Bow of Adrasil

    As seen in the Rangers Web series! More about the Rangers: www.TheRangersFilm.com

    The Ranger Bow of Adrasil - once a Ranger gets assigned to their four person unit, they each are broken down further to how best they can serve the team. Our unit, The Wolf Pack, has Drustan a mighty warrior that uses his skills of tracking, hunting, stealth, along with his prowess of the bow in combat. The Ranger Bow must serve all of these needs. In Adrasil, where our story takes place, the Ranger is provided the bow by the crown, but we craft them for the kingdom!

    Perfect for Cosplay, LARP, Target or hunting. You won't be disappointed with this light weight weapon in your hands, ready to launch it's deadly assault.

    The ranger bow is a handcrafted longbow with bold artwork and fully functional for your adventures.

    Built from one piece of premium solid hickory and the handle is finished with a black genuine leather wrap. The solid hickory bow is one tough bow and can take the punishment of the outdoors. It is finished in a Leather dark brown stain and sealed for protection. Each longbow also has a Hand painted banner below the handle where your draw weight and draw length are indicated. If you wish, your name can be painted below the banner as well.

    Draw Weights Recommendations for LARP and COSPLAY : 25-30 Draw Weight


    • Bow
    • String
    • Bow Instructions
    • Warranty
    • Certificate of Authenticity


    • Length -Approx 72" tip to tip
    • Bow Wood - Hickory
    • Backing - None
    • Bow Type - Longbow
    • Stain - Leather Dark Brown
    • Handle - Black leather flat wrap with black leather accents


    • If you pull the string with your RIGHT hand you need a RIGHT hand arrow rest
    • If you pull the string with your LEFT hand you need a LEFT hand arrow rest
    • Uni-Grip means you can shoot off either side of the bow off your hand


    • Take your height in inches and divide by 2.5 and round down to the next draw length
    • Example: 6' Tall = 72"/2.5 = 28.8" Draw Length or 28.5"


    • All our draw weights are at 28"
    • Use the chart below to pick the right draw weight for you
    • Example:
      • Your draw weight is 45@27 - Then you want a 45-50@28
      • Your Draw weight is 55@29 - Then you want a 50-55@28