Sektor 62″ Recurve Bow
Sektor 62″ Recurve Bow

Sektor 62″ Recurve Bow

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    The Sektor is artfully crafted from a premium blend of zebrawood and phenolic composite that is 3/64″ cut past center, with a crowned arrow shelf at 17″ in length. The Sektor pocketless, pin-style riser is outfitted with long-limbs for an overall length of 62″.

    • 62″ pin-style recurve
    • 17″ riser
    • Zebrawood and phenolic construction
      makes the bow stronger
    • Additional finishing touches: pocket-less,
      pin-style limb fitting, brass bushings,
      matte finish, handmade details
    • 3/64″ cut past center
    • Crowned arrow shelf
    • Dacron flemished string included
    • Fast Flight string compatible